About Us

SAMENA one of the largest retail chains with over 30 Store  in the Kingdom, is most widespread chain of its kind in Saudi Arabia in the field of retail. SAMENA is associated in the mind of the consumer as a one stop shopping concept with its selection of the latest fashion, furniture, shoes, leather product, cosmetics, perfumes, accessories and everything related to a child's world under one roof. SAMENA attracts more than five million customers by establishing number of stores in various cities of the Kingdom. SAMENA always takes into consideration the different requirements in every place it operates their prices are within reach of every customer with very high international standards and friendly customer Ambience.


Our starte

SAMENA Group opened its first store Samena Benafsak (name us) in 1999 in Jeddah as our vivo was to involve our customer to choice our name , our customer who give us name SAMENA  within a short span of time we have swiftly emerged as one of the trendsetters in the competitive retail sector in Saudi Arabia. Over the years, innovation and attention to customer's needs has set us apart from other retailers in a large and rapidly expanding market segment. Today SAMENA is the market leader in all major 18 cities of the kingdom with more than 30 outlets.

We believe the secret to our success lies in giving customers what they want - a wide variety of merchandise offering exceptional value for money in an international shopping ambiance.


Our vision

We are in SAMENA always struggle to grow with our consumers with loyalty. In the procedure to provide best products and services that are:

       Great value for money

       Fashionable & contemporary

       On par with global standards

In order to ensure consistent customer satisfaction the group will ensure that the brand and shop level experience across all its brands and outlets in all the markets it operates is not only inviting but also offers the highest degree of customer satisfaction.

Our products

- The Group has its presence across the retail categories of:

       - Fashion clothing in Men and Ladies.

       - Kids wear, toys and baby needs.

       - Home furniture and furnishings.

       - Cosmetics, accessories and lifestyle products.

       - Footwear and leather products.

In the past 10 years the company has grown significantly and noticeably since the beginning of its work in 1999 with 2 trademarks in children clothes, today the Group has more than 10 brands of several nationalities have a mark distinctive and its strong presence in the retail market for women's and men's clothing.

SAMENA  aspires

       - To be a Market Leader in the field of Retailing.

       - To provide World Class Retailing at Affordable Prices.

       - To be Innovative, Cost effective and Globally Competitive.

       - To provide Opportunities of Growth for our people.

       - To exceed our Customer Expectations.







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